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The Wealthy Look at Money Differently

The Wealthy Look At Money Differently 810Tax

The Business Insider says that the way millionaires view money is different from everyone else. Here are their thoughts and my comments on them:

1. The wealthy focus on earning.

I have to agree on this one. That’s why I post so much about managing your career,growing your investments, and investing in real estate.

2. The wealthy use leverage.

I think this is true for the big business millionaires, but I think the millionaire next door types actually shy away from debt. I know I do.

3. The wealthy think about money in non-linear terms.

I’m not sure what they mean here other than “come up with a great idea that earns you a gazillion dollars.” I like the thought, but not sure it’s realistic for most people.

4. The wealthy see money through the eyes of logic.

Very true IMO. This is why the wealthy often say things like “spend less than you earn” and actually do it while most people say “that’s common sense” and yet can’t seem to pull it off.

5. The wealthy believe being rich is a right.

I don’t think most wealthy people believe being rich is a right, but I do think they believe being wealthy (or at least significantly wealthier than you are now) is something attainable by almost everyone. They just need to take the right steps to get the results.
Anyway, that’s my take on their views. What do you think?


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