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Getting Started with David G. Denkhaus & Company, PLLC :

We understand that whether or not you have worked with an accounting firm in the past, you want to know as much as possible about the pricing and process at David G. Denkhaus & Company, PLLC.   If you are interested in getting a price range for your personal tax returns, please complete the form below or e-mail or call us to make an in person or phone appointment to discuss your situation in detail.

For business tax returns including partnerships and corporations, we usually need to see your prior year’s tax return and/or your current year’s books and records in order to quote you a price.  Our initial consultations are always complementary, and there’s never an obligation to proceed with David G. Denkhaus & Company, PLLC after we quote your fee.  Everything always stays confidential and we always return or destroy documents that we no longer need.

If you choose to work with David G. Denkhaus & Company, PLLC, you’re always welcome to make an appointment to come in, but that is NOT required.  If it’s more convenient for you, we are happy to handle everything via a secure online portal, e-mail, fax and/or the mail.  We hope this makes you feel more comfortable about contacting David G. Denkhaus & Company, PLLC and we are always available at or 810-844-1556.

Please complete the following form so that David G. Denkhaus & Company, PLLC can quote you a price RANGE: These questions are for the current filing year or the amended year you want quoted

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Are you being audited or need to amend a return?

Is your quote request for an amendment of a return?

1. Number of W2's and/or 1099-R

2. Any self-employment Income?

If self-employed, what type of business?

3. If, any K-1 pass-through entity's, how many?

4. Please list any states lived and/or worked in besides Michigan, this filing year:

5. Do you itemize deductions?

6. Do you own your own home?

7. Did you BUY or SELL any real estate?

8. Did you receive $1,500 or more of interest income and/or dividends?

9. Did you SELL any stocks and/or bonds?

10. Did you receive any rental income from real estate?

If yes, how many properties and what state(s) are they in?

11. Did you have $10,000 or more in a foreign bank account, at any time during the year?

12. Did you receive health insurance through the exchange?

13. Please list any other income and/or deductions not mentioned above:

Thank you for completing this form. Please note we need to see all paperwork and information in order to quote EXACT prices. We will get back to you shortly.

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